DuraMax 00114, 8′ x 6′ Strong lasting DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed With Foundation Kit (00114-DM)


DuraMax 00114, 8′ x 6′ Strong lasting DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed With Foundation Kit (00114-DM) – Description

The DuraMate shed is perfect for most backyards A maintenance-free garden shed, constructed of durable all-weather vinyl in neutral ivory, it will never need painting or treating. It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade. This shed is fire retardant and much quieter in the rain than any metal shed. Want to hand shelves or garden tools? The wall columns are reinforced with a solid metal structure, making it easy to do that, and giving the shed a lot of strength. The DuraMate 8′ x 6′ has 208 cubic ft. of storage capacity, with double doors wide enough for large equipment and high enough for tall people. This shed can support up to 900 pounds of snow on the roof and is wind tested to 115 mph,. Easy Installation in just a few hours. Includes the 8′ x 6′ DuraMate Foundation Kit. Crafted of galvanized metals, it provides a base for installing your shed, ensuring that the shed is square. This foundation also elevates your floor off the ground. Plywood floor not included.

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Features of the DuraMax 00114, 8′ x 6′ Strong lasting DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed With Foundation Kit (00114-DM)

  • All-weather durable vinyl eliminates painting, treating or maintenance
  • Contemporary design in neutral ivory will beautify your yard or garden
  • Wall height Ideal for most communities
  • Features wide 61.3″ double doors
  • Metal reinforced wall columns for superior strength
  • Roof snow load tested up to 900 lbs (20 lbs/sq ft)
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy Installation In 3-4 hours (2 people recommended for installation)
  • Includes door handles
  • Outside dimensions: 94-1/4″ wide x 63-1/8″ deep x 73″ tall
  • Storage volume: 208 cubic feet
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Weight: 163 lbs
  • Includes foundation kit


Owners rated the DuraMate 00114, 8′ x 6′ Strong lasting Vinyl Storage Shed With Foundation Kit (00114-DM) as a 3/5.  More were pleased than not, with comments such as “I recommend this product”, like the shed”, “very happy with the product and I feel it was a great upgrade over the metal one”.  One owner called it a “poor product”, however, based on his experience with his shed roof collapsing under snow weight.

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Ease of Assembly

Most owners found the instructions excellent and the assembly relatively easy, with the exception of one who seemed to have trouble with it.  One owner thought that the foundation was made of “somewhat flimsy metal” and said if they did it again, they would have built their own with treated lumber. Another laid a cement foundation as they get a lot of rain in their area. They say “The shed and foundation size is 1″ larger all around than the plywood base that you are instructed to fit onto the foundation.”  Assembly is a one person job taking 3 hours to assemble the base and approximately 5 hours for the shed. Most owners reported that the pieces fit together well, with one owner commenting, “The shed does go up easy!..I was amazed that all the holes & screws, etc. match up perfectly.” One said that the alignment of the roof pieces was a little tricky and suggested using a thick screw driver to center the holes. Another owner said “Make sure you read the manual at each stage as it really makes it go much easier.”  The owner that had problems with his assembly said, “you must notice every dot in the drawings and make sure that you’re setting each piece correctly or you’ll have to take the shed apart back to the incorrect piece.”

Durability and Functionality

Only one owner had anything to say about this, saying that the “roof structure is very weak” and his collapsed with normal snow fall. .  This is surprising given the manufacturers claims to the shed being snow load tested up to 20 lbs. per square foot.  Going by his experience, this is not covered in the limited warranty as it is an “act of nature”.

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The DuraMax 00114, 8′ x 6′ Strong lasting DuraMate Vinyl Storage Shed With Foundation Kit (00114-DM) is a vinyl shed reinforced with metal wall columns. It claims to be low maintenance, fire retardant, and able to support 900 pounds of snow. We have no doubt about the low maintenance; vinyl sheds can just be hosed off and don’t rot or rust. No one commented on the shed being fire retardant; do take note that “fire retardant” is not the same as “fire proof”. In terms of this shed’s ability to support snow, that proved not to be the case for one owner.  While most owners are pleased with the ease of assembly and with the finished product, we would caution to not let too much snow accumulate on the roof if you live in a region that gets much snow.  Though that shouldn’t be necessary, it could go a long way towards getting many years of service out of this shed.

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