Suncast Vertical Tool Shed (GS4000)


Suncast Vertical Tool Shed (GS4000) Description

Size: 60-Cubic ft

This 60-cubic-foot vertical shed stores everything from long handled toots, to pool equipment and outdoor toys, to snow blowers. The durable resin stay-dry design keeps the weather out and is a breeze to maintain. It can even hold deck furniture. The floor’s ramp makes it easy to roll items in and out and the double doors have a foot latch to secure them to the floor with a built-in hasp for a padlock. Suncast’s simple, snap-together assembly takes less than half an hour. The shed also gives you the option of adding wood shelves as the built-in support for those is already there.

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Features of the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed (GS4000)

  • Crafted from durable, weather-resistant resin
  • Padlock hasp and foot-lock secure doors to ramp
  • Simple to assemble
  • Assembled size: 55 by 37 by 72 inches (width by depth by height)
  • Capacity: 49 by 31 by 67 inches (width by depth by height)
  • 60-Cubic feet


A large number of people purchased and reviewed the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed (GS4000) and overall rated it a 4/5. Some comments were “great value for money”, “just right for outdoor storage”, “good inside design for maximum usage”, and “perfect…just what I was looking for”.   One owner said that he’d purchased 2 of these garden sheds, buying the second one just a few weeks after the first one.


Most owners purchased the 60 cubic foot model, however this garden shed is also available in a 20 cubic foot model and a few owners had purchased that one. They say, “it has enough room to hold all outdoor equipment, yet the size makes it a practical product.“, and  “plenty of room, especially with two shelves we put in.”.

Ease of Assembly

This garden shed takes one person approximately 30 minutes to an hour and a half to assemble. Most owners found it easy to assemble as long as you are sure to follow the directions. One owner found assembly difficult as a number of their shed pieces were warped and they had to use a putty knife to wedge the warped pieces together.

Tips from owners were:

-          “Be sure to follow the directions – if you put pieces together wrong they are hard to get apart.”

-          “A flat place to put it is the key as any slope would reduce the functionality of the doors.”

-          “Piece “M” had already been installed by the factory.”

-          “One glitch was the missing two parts for the latch pin in the bottom of the right door…found that they had been already installed.”

-          “Will need to trim away the door tops with a razor knife since they interfere with the top of the unit…the Dremel Multi-max (or equivalent) is an ideal tool for cutting thru this material without dealing with the plastic-melt result of sawing.”

-          in storm prone areas, anchoring is a must

Durability and Functionality

Owners report that this garden shed is easy to maintain as it is made of quality, durable molded plastic that hoses off easily.  They say that it is sturdy and waterproof and they like that the flat roof makes it possible to put things on top as well.  One owner has been using his shed on his dock for four years.

An owner of the smaller 20 cubic foot model found that his shed blew over in a storm, however another owner of this model shed said that they’d used a piece of wood to attach it to the side of the house and that solved the problem. Owners of the 60 cubic foot model don’t report any issues with this.

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The Suncast Vertical Tool Shed (GS4000) has been purchased and reviewed by a large number of people. Most owners are very happy with this shed and say that they would recommend it. They say it is well constructed, durable, easy to assemble, easy to maintain, and good value for the money. Even those who had received their shed with a few warped pieces called that “not a deal breaker” and were still happy with the finished product. With the large number of satisfied owners, we have no hesitation in recommending this vertical tool shed.

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