Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed (Model 3746)


Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed (Model 3746) Description

The Rubbermaid 3746 Large Vertical Storage Shed has a grid floor to help keep long handled tools in place, and molded grooves to support three shelves if you choose to add them. SHELVES ARE NOT INCLUDED (make them from wooden shelving material). Both doors are lockable, though a lock is not included. 52 cubic foot storage capacity allows you to easily store gardening tools, pool supplies, and more. Eight interlocking panels make for quick and easy assembly.

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Features of the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed (Model 3746)

  • Vertical storage shed for long-handle tools and shelvables
  • 52 cubic feet of storage space
  • grid floor helps keep long handled tools in place
  • Rugged high-density polyethylene construction won’t chip, crack or peel
  • Includes 7 interlocking resin panels for easy assembly; lockable doors (locks not included)
  • Outer dimensions: 77 by 56 by 32 inches (height by width by depth); 93 pounds
  • 52 cubic ft.


Many people have purchased and reviewed the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed (Model 3746) and most rate it as a 4/5.  They describe it perfect for small yards or limited space, and say it does the job of storing backyard and garden tools while being low profile. Owners love the look, the size, and the easy assembly, and call it good value for the money. One owner said heshould have gotten this years ago” and another said he was “pretty satisfied and have been thinking of maybe ordering another.“


At 52 cubic feet of storage space, owners say there is plenty of space to put all kinds of things. One owner said the size of this garden shed isis great for the side of a house since it isn’t that deep just make sure you have enough room to open the doors.”  Another said it is large enough to hold two full size garbage cans, but I use it to hold backyard tools, birdseed, potting supplies and other gardening accessories.” Overall, owners are happy with the size of this garden shed for the purposes they purchased it for. Though most use it outside, there are a few who use it in the garage. Many have added shelves to it, as it has grooves to support the shelves.

Ease of Assembly

Owners describe this garden shed as being very easy to assemble, usually taking only about 15 minutes to snap together.

Suggestions from owners were:

-          putting down concrete pavers down first as a base

-          ensuring that the shed is on a flat base rather than directly on grass, as to put it directly on grass would likely allow a slight twisting motion that would affect the stability.

-          To NOT assemble it in one place and then carry it to a different location “as any twisting motion (which cannot be avoided) unlocks 1 or more tabs and it crumbles before your eyes.”

-          Putting it in a shady spot as one owner had seen some bad warping on one at the garden center.

-          taking your time to make certain all tabs are inserted properly as “if not properly secured, it could get knocked over by a wind storm.”

One owner advised, “Two spots in the back are fashioned so you can drill the unit to solid vertical surface for additional support, like a fence, or a wall. I’d use a decent size screw/bolt and washers. You can add two shelves in ready-made depressions. Standard wooden shelving boards work fine, but notch the back corners to get it to fit correctly.“

Durability and Functionality

Owners comments were mixed on durability. Some called this shed “Very sturdy.”, “durable”, “Solid”, “water proof”, and “strong”. One was more specific, saying, “the shed is plenty sturdy once assembled correctly AND sitting on a solid, stable surface.”  Another, however, said that “Pieces are very light and somewhat flimsy feeling… Assembled the unit seems only a little sturdier. I wouldn’t put it somewhere it might be really windy especially if it were empty”.

Of concern to a few owners was that the door stays closed by pressure with no latches to ensure it stays secure. One owner described this as “not a problem as long as the door doesn’t lose its snug fit over time. The doors are really light”. Another owner however said that his shed had only held up for 1 year and 3 months, explaining that “the design mechanism to hold them in place is far too flimsy for the weight of the doors to be maintained for any long period of time. So, if a wind in excess of 20mph comes along, be careful… both doors, went flying down our driveway on winter day with a 20-25mph, moderate wind gust.”

Only one owner mentioned security saying, “There is a plastic hasp for a lock, so if you’re worried about someone other than a kid poking through your stuff, the plastic hasp is not going to stop a serious thief and will give them less trouble to cut than the lock you put on it.”

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Most owners of the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed (Model 3746), with only a few exceptions, are very pleased with their purchase. Many of the owners would have preferred this garden shed to come with shelves instead of leaving them as an option for owners to add, but that was not a major issue with most of them.

Putting this shed on a flat base, out of the sun and protected from wind would seem to be basic to keeping this shed stable and sturdy over time. As one owner mentioned, this shed would be an ideal choice at the side of the yard where space is limited.  We’ve also seen a similar shed on an apartment balcony, though that might not be permitted in some buildings.

The Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed is a very economical storage solution and very easy to put together. It has been described by owners as good value for the money. Many people have bought this shed and rated it a 4/5, with the majority being very satisfied with it.  As long as you use caution in setting it up, this shed would be a good choice for basic storage needs.

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