Suncast Storage Building (Model A01812C01)


Size: 7.5-ft x 10-ft

Suncast Storage Building (Model A01812C01) Description

Got snow? This garden shed is designed to support up to 15 pounds per square foot. The Suncast 7 1/2 x 10′ Storage Building provides ample space for garden equipment, lawn mower, patio furniture, and pool supplies! And, with its’ large panel design, it goes together in a snap…with NO TOOLS necessary! Whether you’re handy or not, you won’t have to take a week off to build the storage shed you need for the organization you want.  Two windows let the light in for visibility and are equipped with grids and shutters for visual appeal. A skylight also helps keep the interior bright. Made of durable resin, including floor; lockable doors with upper and lower latches; 4’8″ w. x 5’8″ high door opening; 464 cubic foot capacity. The taupe and bronze exterior fits in any setting and provides a great finishing touch to your yard.

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Features of the Suncast Storage Building (Model A01812C01)

Size: 7.5-ft x 10-ft

  • Decorative outdoor storage building; measures 7 1/2 by 10 feet
  • Two-door front panel with ramp for rolling items in and out
  • Siding and dimensional shingle roof styling
  • Includes sturdy floor; extra wide front opening
  • Exterior Dimensions: 8′ ¼ by 10′ 4 by 7′ 2″ (W x D x H) Interior Dimensions: 7′ 5″ by 9′ 9″ by 6′ 9″ (W x D x H)

Also available in the following sizes:

10-ft x 12-ft


7.5-ft x 3-ft

7.5-ft x 5-ft

7.5-ft x 7.5-ft


Most owners who gave reviews rated this garden shed as either a 4/5 or a 5/5.

The most common models purchased were the 7.5 ft. x 10 ft. shed or the 10 ft. x 10 ft. shed.

Reviews by owners of the Suncast Storage Building were overwhelmingly favourable with owners saying “love my shed”, “fantastic shed, excellent value, easy to assemble”, and “extremely impressed with the quality of, and value for, this shed” amongst many other positive comments.  Some thought that it was not a very secure shed but that seemed to be a very minor concern to most owners.


The Suncast storage building comes in 5 sizes ranging from a 7.5 ft. x 3 ft. garden shed to a 10 ft. x 12 ft. garden shed.  Though most owner comments (favourable) were relative to the size they had purchased, one said it rather well, commenting “it holds much more than we ever imagined!”. An owner who had purchased the 7.5 x 10 shed said “It holds a riding lawnmower and still has room for storage on either side”.

Ease of Assembly

Although the Suncast Storage Building (Model A01812C01) comes with a floor you will need to have a foundation base of concrete slab or wood deck framed with 2 X 6′s and 3/4″ plywood to anchor the shed to.  The Suncast manual has instructions for a wood platform. You can find that manual in PDF form on their website.

The majority of owners found this shed very easy to assemble, with one saying that it was the “easiest put-together I’ve done”.   Excluding the time to build the base, assembly takes approximately 2-6 hours depending on whether one person or two work on it.  Owners in their 60’s were able to put this shed together in just a few hours.

Although instructions for a wooden base are included in the Suncast manual, many owners chose to use concrete or patio stone for a longer lasting foundation. One owner said “The difficult part of this installation was the time it took me to clear the area and lay a foundation of patio blocks”.  One person took a short cut and placed it at the end of the driveway with sandbags inside at each corner and claims that worked in their case. Another owner had a mason pour a concrete pad for them and then did the shed assembly themselves. Many stressed the necessity that the foundation be level in order for the panels to line up properly to then snap together easily.

Recommendations from owners are:

-          “If you find that parts seem to be missing, check to ensure that they are not temporarily attached to other pieces”.

-          “Attach the floor connectors to the floor before anchoring the floor to the base.” And

-          “Do not lean parts against a wall or fence, or in uneven piles while waiting to assemble. They do warp & bend in hot weather or direct sun & will take a little more effort to fit. Once assembled, everything will straighten out.”

Durability & Functionality

One owner summed up the durability & functionality well with “easy to build, sturdy, and convenient. No worries about leaking or rot.”

Though some owners thought the parts seemed flimsy, those owners found the shed surprisingly strong once assembled. Others commented that it “Seems very sturdy”, “construction was solid”, and “The shed is strong and it looks good”.  Another owner said that no amount of snow will hurt it as the roof is extremely well supported, and another owner reported, “I have had as much as 15″ of snow on it this year with no problem.”  Though overall pleased with the sturdiness, one owner cautioned that since the walls are thin and you can’t really hang anything on them or lean bikes against them.

Owners report that this shed is very sturdy and weather resistant, standing up well to bad weather and keeping the contents dry. They say that through blizzards and heavy rain, the interior stays bone dry.  One owner stated that his shed, “has withstood some nasty weather and very strong wind gusts of over 50 mph”.

Owners also like the low maintenance of this shed and are pleased that it never needs painting and cleans off with a hose.  One owner feels that “since it is made of polyethylene, it won’t rust and it should outlast vinyl sheds”.

A number of owners have had this shed for several years now and are still very happy with it.  One owner is so satisfied with his shed that he plans to buy 2 more.

Only one owner regretted his purchase but had never assembled the shed he bought. He said,  “the side and roof panels are very thin…see no use in assembling. Might be okay for suburbs, but for rural county areas, a hand crafted steel building is the way to go.Judging by all of the other owners comments on the sturdiness of this shed once assembled, this owner really missed out.

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An overwhelming majority of owners are very pleased with the Suncast Storage Building (Model A01812C01) and some even plan to purchase another as well.  They find it sturdy, waterproof, easy to maintain, easy to assemble, and like the look of the shed in their yard. One appreciated the added touch of the shutters and window boxes, saying “they look very nice with some trailing flowers”.  We’ll let the owners themselves have the last word here. They say “Great space, great price”, and “Can’t go wrong with the purchase”.

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